CECS Lab Software

last updated: 17 June 2018

Software Restrictions
AspenTech Aspen Plus v9.0
Autodesk AutoCAD 2017
Autodesk AutoCAD Building Design 2017
Autodesk AutoCAD Creation Suite 2017
Autodesk AutoCAD Infrastructure 2017
Autodesk Civil3d v2017
Autodesk Plant3d v2017
Dassault Systemes Solidworks 2017
Energy 3d
PTC Creo Parametric v3.0 M110
PTC MathCAD Prime 3.1ChE & MNE Students and ChE Labs Only
Trans CAD v7.2
Transoft AutoTURN v10.2Only available for Civil Students on Virtual Desktops
Transoft Torus v5.1Only available for Civil Students on Virtual Desktops
Document Tools
Adobe Acrobat Professional 10ECE Computer Labs Only
Adobe Acrobat Professional 11CE Senior Design Labs
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 18.011.20040
Ghostscript v9.21
GhostView v5.0
Notepad++ v7.5.6
Aashtoware ME Design v2.3Only available in VDI environment.
Altera Suite 13.0
Altera Suite Lite 17.1Only available in the ECE department.
Arduino v1.6.9
Army Corps of Engineers HEC-GeoHMS v10.1This version is only available in the Engineering Complex labs.
Army Corps of Engineers HEC-GeoRAS v10.1
Army Corps of Engineers HEC-HMS v4.2.1
Atmel winCUPL v5.30.4
AWS Windographer v4.0.15Only available in VDI environment.
Bio-Rad Laboratories KnowItAll v2017
Cache Polymath 6.2 2016-17ChE Students and Labs Only
Cache Polymath 6.2 2017-18ChE Students and Labs Only
Cadence Launcher
Cadence PSpice 16.6ECE Students and Labs only
Campbell Scientific LoggerNet 4.4.2 TrialOnly in Seaton 1022 lab.
COMSOL Multiphysics 5.3 ECE ClassKitECE Students and Labs only
Control Station Loop-Pro v5.2.5
Digilent Waveforms v3.5.4
dSpace Control Station v2016bdSpace computers in Rathbone 0033 Lab only.
EPA StepL 4.1
ETAP Enterprise v16.0
GEO-SLOPE GeoStudio 2018Only in College of Engineering and Civil Engineering labs.
Keil uVision v5.21aDUE2191 Microprocessors Lab Only
Keysight Advanced Design System v2015 01
Keysight Advanced Design System v2017
Keysight EmPro v2015.01
Keysight EmPro v2017
LEGO Mindstorms ROBOLAB 2.01
MagneForce Simulation Suite
Mathworks MATLAB R2017a LABs
To see list of available toolboxes, click here. 
Mathworks MATLAB v2017aBAE, ECE, and MNE have alternate toolboxes.
McTrans Highway Capacity Software v2000
McTrans Highway Capacity Software v2010Civil CAD and Al Lin Labs Only
McTrans Highway Capacity Software v7.4Civil CAD and Al Lin Labs Only
Minitab Software v17.2.1ArECnS, BAE, CE, ChE and IMSE Students only
National Instruments LabView v2017 LABs
Includes FPGA, RealTime, Robotics and Vision Development modules, as well as myRIO and Vision Acquisition Software. 
NIST RefProp 9.1
NIST Database 23 
NRCS Rusle2
General and Science versions. 
NRCS WinPond 1.7
PowerWorld Simulator v20
PSCAD Simulation Software v4.6.1Only available in VDI environment
RISA Technologies RISA 2D
Rockwell RSLinx v4.00 LiteOnly available in Seaton 1022 lab.
Rockwell RSLogix Micro Starter Lite v8.30.00Only in Seaton 1022 Lab.
Scilab 4.1
Scilab Scilab 5.5.2
SimzLab ReactorLab
Soil Mechanics and Foundations v2.0
SuperPro Designer v9.0
thinkstep Gabi 6 Education
Visual AEM 1.05
Visual Molecular Dynamics v1.9
WindForSchools OpenWindDemo
WinTR-55 1.00.10
Wolfram Mathematica v11.1.1
Xeltek SuperPro M
ESRI ArcGIS v10.1This version is only available in the Engineering Complex labs.
Google Earth Pro v7.1
QGIS v2.12.2
Texas A&M SWAT-CUP v5.1.6.2
Internet Tools
Cisco AnyConnect
Google Chrome Enterprise v67
Ipswitch WS_FTP_LE v5.08
Mozilla Firefox v58.0
Skype v7.5
Xming v6.9
Zoom.us v4.1
Office Apps
Document Foundation LibreOffice v5.1.4
Microsoft Office Pro 2016 (x86)
Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word 
Microsoft Project Professional 2016
Microsoft Visio Professional 2016
Alice 2.2
BlueJ v4.1.0
Eclipse Neon
Freescale Code Warrior v6.3DUE2189 Microcontrollers Lab Only
Greenfoot v2.4.2
JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition 2016.2.3
Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
7zip 18.05
Audacity 2.0.2
Bfxr v1.4.1
Blender Foundation v2.72b
Blue Terminal v1.16 Free
CodeAndWeb TexturePacker v3.9.2
Color Oracle v1.2.1
Gimp the Gimp v2.10.2
Google Picasa v3.9
ImgBurn ImgBurn v2.5
Inkscape v0.48.5
Media Player Classic v1.5.3
Open-Sankore v2.5.1
Paint.Net v4.0.5
Piriform Recuva v1.52
Stencyl v3.2
Tiled Map Editor v0.10.2
Twine v1.4.2
Ultraware v1.8.3Only on the dSpace computers in Rathbone 0033.
VideoLAN Media Player 2.1.2
Winamp 5.35 Lite
Other - not on Start Menu
Adobe Flash Player Plugin v25
Adobe Shockwave
GNU MinGW v4.8.1
Python v3.5.2
Real Alternative
Sun Java v1.8.0.162

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